About Us

Lionston Media is full of the best and brightest in mobile marketing. We pride ourselves on being builders — creating technology and creative solutions that advance marketing into the future. We’re fun. We’re fearless. We’re relentlessly resourceful. We work together, play together, downward dog together. We strive for excellence in what we offer our customers and how we work together to create it. Fueled by an expansive proprietary data asset, we employ a data-driven approach guaranteed to achieve superior results through our premium media solutions.

Targeting Expertise

With an expansive array of targeting options, Convison's integrated targeting technology efficiently connects brands with the right audiences, generating higher ROIs.


Using thousands of unique proprietary data points, our technology makes accurate monetary predictions, executing efficient and scalable performance campaigns that maximize ROI.

Brand Protection

We combine proprietary data from our own contextual engine with data from the industry's top brand safety vendors. This mix ensures your advertisements are not just placed for maximum exposure, but in a way that safely protects your brand's reputation.

Enthusiastic Team

Convison's team of recognized experts in digital advertising offers world class service and is committed to efficiently scaling your business and maximizing ROI.

Client Priority

We focus on the client first and foremost. That means listening and asking questions to make the process of getting new mobile app users increasingly more efficient and effective..